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Tonian Lerell Brown Born (September 24, 1991). Professionally known as Morelifedad is a American rapper, record executive, and entrepreneur born in Augusta Ga. He is the co-founder and public face of 2026 Music Group which he founded with his younger brother Hall Jr 2026 in 2017.

He is the executive producer of nearly all of 2026 Music Group artist’s albums.

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Morelifedad and Hall Jr 2026 grew up in adjective household with there mother Keshia Walters and younger sisters. While spending most of there childhood in (Dogwood Terrace)under there grandmother roof with no guidance giving. There father Douglas A. Hall died after Quinton J.Hall senior year of high school, they was raised by themselves who made effort to keep the family intact.

Morelifedad first began working at 2026 Music Group in 2017, when the label acquired 300 Entertainment Tonian L. Brown became an contributor to 300 Entertainment, Morelifedad established his A&R credentials by signing and developing a number of Mainstream rappers, including Hall Jr 2026, Rylo Rodriguez, DaBaby and many more.

Many Rappers become prominent and it becomes a mystery to see who’s the person to find the talent. Rylo Rodriguez began recording at the age of 18. His roots is from Mobile, Alabama. So who discovered Rylo Rodriguez ? he was first approached by Tonian Brown Professionally known as Morelifedad.

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